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The Slowdown In Aviation Doesn’t Slow Down Bell Helicopters

Bell, a world-renowned manufacturer of civilian and military rotary aircraft, moved another step forward on its flight certification test program with the Bell Model 525 Relentless at the Buttonwillow Airport in northwest Kern County.  Identifying the area as a...

KCSO helicopter unit serves Kern County, Bakersfield from above

The luminous spotlight from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s helicopter can be easily spotted across the skyline, from the far stretches of Kern County to the heart of Bakersfield. AIR-1, as the unit is referred to, is in action seven days a week, in the air for...

Fly Meadows: Future depends on passenger support

American Airlines has announced that it plans to add a second nonstop flight between Bakersfield and Dallas in January. It is a good sign for Kern County airport officials who have been working to expand local airline service. But it continues to be a struggle to...

Meadows Field could become more attractive to other airlines

Bakersfield, Calif (KBAK/KBFX) — Meadows field is a humble airport, but the success of the first non-stop flight to Dallas could make it more attractive to airlines looking to expand. Monday American Airlines announced it's adding a second non-stop flight from...